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Group of WomenThe Women, Co-Occurring Disorders and Violence Study Coordinating Center was created to coordinate, evaluate and provide technical assistance to the sites selected to participate in the Study and develop knowledge products based on what is learned. The Center is also responsible for working with the sites and the to create a steady flow of relevant knowledge products based on key learnings from the study sites.

The Coordinating Center is comprised of a consortium of organizations, consumer/survivor/recovering women (C/S/R's) and professionals from an array of relevant disciplines who offer in-depth expertise on all aspects of women, violence and co-occurring disorders to all of the study sites. The is operated by Policy Research Associates (PRA, located in Orlando, Florida and National Center on Family Homelessness of Newton, Massachusetts and theCecil B. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Backing this consortium is a pool of consultants who have personal and professional knowledge of the issues pertaining to women, violence, trauma and co-occurring disorders.

The Coordinating Center operates with three highly integrated teams:

  1. a Technical Assistance Team that includes staff from PRA;

  2. an Evaluation Team that includes staff from PRA, UNC and NCFH.

    The Evaluation Team has two sub-teams:

    a. Process Evaluation sub-team
    b. Outcome Evaluation sub-team

  3. A Knowledge Development and Application Team that includes staff from PRA and NCFH.

Each of the teams and sub-teams have at least one consumer/survivor/recovering woman and consultants from various disciplines.

Coordinating Center Staff:

Chanson D. Noether, MA.

Wendy M. Vogel

Connie Patterson
Project Assistant





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